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How We Work

Thank you for your interest in our Lease Purchase Program.

We are able to get tenants into a wonderful home even in today’s market, where great rentals are hard to find! All of our homes give you the option to buy any time during the lease.

About Us - Home Rentals Team
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Our program is actually very simple. Our client is a national Real Estate Trust who buys hundreds of homes every year throughout the country. Our homes are leased to tenants with the opportunity to buy at any time from move in to 5 years.

home partners family
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The rent escalates by no more than a reasonable 3.5% in Oklahoma and 4.5% in Colorado.  per year to account for inflation, but is guaranteed not to go up any faster. Renters will need a deposit equal to two (2) months rent for us to buy the home and the pro-rated rent for the month that the property closed. Our client buys homes with only cash. There is an inspection, but no appraisal. We use an approved Real Estate purchase agreement and we close in approximately 30 days. We make any needed update within 14 days and the tenant moves in.

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